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Personal Goals

Bulk Up

Maximise muscle gains to be bigger than the rest

Pack on muscle

A structured training plan is essential for packing on muscle but to get real gains in strength and size, targeted nutrition is vital. Muscle is broken down after intense training, but taking on protein immediately after exercise can support the growth and maintenance of muscle mass.

Make sure you’re getting the right nutrition – otherwise your gains could turn to losses. A big hit of protein, at least 20 g, will help support the growth and maintenance of muscle mass. Food should always be your first port of call but supplements can offer a convenient way to hit your quota.

Get results

Hard gainer or easy loser? To add on some serious size, you need to make sure you are consuming more calories than you’re burning – This positive energy balance is key to making and holding on to those gains.

Keep it clean and try to source as many calories as possible from quality whole food sources. Be smart with the type and timing of carbohydrates, and opt for healthy fats, to ensure you get the type of growth you want to hang on to.