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Eight UK Guys To Follow On Instagram

Eight UK Guys To Follow On Instagram

The McGuirk Brothers

The McGuirk boys, Zack and Callum, are the bodybuilding brothers from Blackpool. The brothers have exploded onto the British bodybuilding scene over the last 2-3 years. Zack was the 2015 British classic bodybuilding tall class title holder and Callum is a 2 time UKBFF Physique champion. Looking at their Instagram, users will be greeted by a mix of behind the scenes photo shoots, workout snaps and a number of product reviews. Check out their pages here:  

Joey Farrell

Joey Farrell is a personal trainer and bodybuilder hailing from Cardiff. Joey is a two time junior Mr. Wales and UKBFF British 2nd and 3rd place finisher. Joey offers diet and training plans to his clients and if his Instagram is anything to go by, his training is second to none. Joey’s Instagram is a wholesome mix of workout videos, diet and supplement information and a growing sense of your own insecurity as you scroll through numerous bodybuilding poses. You can check out his page here:  

Josh Maley

Simply put, Josh Maley is a machine. Josh was swimming at a national level until he was 19, at which point he discovered his passion for the gym. Josh graduated from college in 2009 and in 2010 he competed for the first time. Since then he has achieved phenomenal success on both a national and international level, winning the NABBA Mr. Britain and placing 3rd at the Nabba Mr. Universe in 2015. Fans of Josh’s Instagram will be treated to an eye-opening overview of what it takes to be a top bodybuilder, with a series of workouts, meals and the odd cheat meal. Josh’s profile is a must for any aspiring athlete out there. Check out Josh’s Instagram here:  

Zac Fotheringham

Zac Fotheringham is another bodybuilding powerhouse! With two first place podium finishes in the last 2 years, Fotheringham is quickly putting his stamp on the UK Bodybuilding scene. Fotheringham’s Instagram offers a lighter note than usual, displaying images of his family, client testimonials and various workouts. A mix that clearly works for him, gaining a large following of around 22,000. Check out Zac’s profile here:  

Nathan Smart

Smart by name, smart by nature. Nathan’s fitness journey began at the tender age of 16 when he first set foot in a gym. Since then it has transformed into a way of life for the MuscleModel Champion. Nathan has built an impressive living doing what he loves. He is a personal trainer, sponsored athlete and professional competitor. Fans of his Instagram page will get an in-depth look at the life of a professional athlete with an array of behind the scenes shots, workout routines and various foodie snaps! Find Nathan’s Instagram here:  

Jimi Manuwa

Jimi Manuwa is a mixed martial artist fighting out of London, competing at light heavyweight in the UFC. In current UFC rankings, Jimi stands 5th in the light heavyweight division and holds a professional record of 16-2-0. Jimi’s Instagram is as you would expect from a UFC fighter. Ring side shots, training partners and workouts. For any MMA fan or fitness fanatic, Jimi’s page is a great insight into the sport and the mind-set of a UCF fighter. You can check out Jimi’s profile here:  

Jamie Johal

Jamie “Giant” Johal is exactly that.. A giant! Jamie is a UKBFF Superheavyweight champion and an absolute machine! Jamie is the proud owner of a physique usually only seen in green body paint and smashing villains with the rest of the avengers. Fans of Jamie’s Instagram will be treated to pics of big arms, big weights, big meals and posing in not-so-big underwear. For any bodybuilding aficionado's, Jamie’s page is a must see! Check out his page here: