Neil Hill - Ireland

Neil Hill

Athlete Stats


March 21, 1969


Tenby, South Wales


1m 68cm




Gym owner, Trainer & Nutritionist AND Creator of Y3T


Neil “Yoda” Hill —Official Team BSN Trainer, a Nutrition Coach, and creator of Y3T

Neil Hill is a former IFBB professional Bodybuilder, a gym owner, trainer, nutritionist and fitness writer/columnist and coach to some of the world’s top athletes including Team BSN Flex Lewis.

Neil is bodybuilding legend in the United Kingdom and his hand-crafted Y3T (Yoda 3 Training) system which is now the go to system for thousands of fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders globally!

Y3T stands for “Yoda 3 Training,” the system and training style has been developed with over 30 years of experience within the fitness industry. Neil Hill’s battle-tested system achieves maximum muscle gain by cycling intensities, rep ranges, rest pauses and time under tension with the positive and negative phase of the movement. Attack body adaptation!

Neil’s system isn’t just for competitive bodybuilder, it for the fitness world as a whole Anyone can expect improved body composition, performance increases and substantial muscle growth with a reduced risk of injury. Continuous progress can take place because of the unique weekly cycling. This will force your muscle fibers to adapt to a new stimulus every time you train a muscle group.


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